The Green House

About us

The Green House Collaboration Center & Gallery (GHCC) serves as a community space where education intersects with music and the arts to generate awareness, joy and change. GHCC unites all voices in addressing the adverse effects of environmental injustice.

Cofounders Harmony Cummings & Khalil Simon have witnessed first-hand the impacts of environmental injustice, which strengthens their dedication to these issues. Harmony is a passionate environmentalist who has worked in O&G and accounting. Khalil is the leader of the Brothers of Brass, a NOLA style brass band, who uses their sound to bring awareness to social justice issues. Together we use the arts to captivate people, educate, promote participation and also bring joy to environmental causes.

Harmony Cummings and Khalil Simon

We are reaching new, diverse audiences because of our location in the heart of the Elyria neighborhood—ground zero for environmental justice. Khalil lives here, these are our neighbors, and we are respectful and welcoming of diversity in the area.   We provide public comment opportunities, workshops that pair science with the arts & create events that bring awareness, food justice, education, gardens, area cleanups, music, dance & healing.

GHCC utilizes the arts to increase engagement with neighbors. Music, dance, art, and storytelling create connection, empathy, and trust. We believe the arts transcend language, race, economic, and social barriers. We will offer programs in Spanish to maintain accessibility. 

Our existing connections, and desire to forge more relationships, will garner more resources and people united together to address concerns and find impactful solutions.